Give me a drink

3rd Week of Lent, cycle A

In journeying with Jesus toward the cross, we discover in the first week how weak we are and how we needed grace.  but in the second week, we are confronted with the beauty of God who now becomes our real strength.  In this third week of Lent, we are called to do something and focus our minds and hearts to serving Him.

Pope Benedict XVI reflects the third week in this way:

God in Jesus said, "Give me a drink."  Have we imagined the thirst of God?  We imagine the thirst of God in his most intense desire to reach out to us and to bring us to life in Him.  God wishes to awaken in us the same capacity to fill up that thirst by inviting us to the life of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is that living water that extinguishes our thirst for goodness, truth, and beauty.  It irrigates our restless souls; it transforms us into true worshipers, praying to the Father in Spirit and in truth.

The moment we realize this thirst of God and his passion to bring us His life, we are slowly moved to change ways, to make our lives more God-centered, and to focus all our attentions to bringing life to others.  We are the living waters of the Holy Spirit to bring life to all.