What makes a strong faith?

Cycle A, 9th Sunday

I would be totally devastated if the words of the today's gospel would be the same words Jesus declares to me on judgment day: "I do not know you; away from me you evil doer."  It seems that he is commanding me to transcend from the usual minimum requirement of a Christian.  On the contrary, he wishes us our faith to be built on solid rock.

The Lord seems to touch the very core of our existence.  "Who is God really for us?"  If we really know God, why are we cold in serving Him?  Why do other things seem more attractive than God?  Do we really know the extent of God's love?  Knowledge of God goes beyond mere knowledge.  We HAVE enter into the mystery of His love for us.

Secondly, a strong faith entails a combination of various ingredients: from wanting to know the truth, to reason, and finally to freedom of choice to love Him back.  Do we exert all efforts to understand the core of our faith enough to commit ourselves to living it out?  Are there hindrances in the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives?

Thirdly, faith demands action.  Action should be consistent and persistent; always awake and never resting.  Learn from the saints; the more they grow in holiness, the more they humble themselves and proclaim their need for God.  In the end, faith demands that whatever happens, that we remain faithful, and it is all that matters.