In search of the face of Jesus

4th Sunday of Lent, cycle C

Pope Benedict XVI puts most aptly the theme for today's reflection:  "The healing is a sign that Christ wants not only to give us sight, but also to open our interior vision, so that our faith my become ever deeper and may recognize him as our only Savior."  The journey of looking within ourselves starts now.
 Looking back at the time I responded to this call to be a priest, I wonder how I could have answered this call while others would not?  It started out with questioning whether my initial career path would really be worth it.  It was back in college that I started questioning the sense of it all.  Could it be that I was searching for the face of Jesus?  Could I really be searching for the truth that God intended me to be?

The second is the appreciation of "invisible" things money cannot buy.  Money can buy a bed, but not a restful sleep.  It can buy a house, not a home.  This realization enables us to see the beauty of life that money cannot satisfy.  God allowed me to enjoy the invisible things while I was reflecting to respond fully to His call; for these are the real treasures of life.

The third is to respond that whatever goodness exists in this world belongs to God.  I finally responded to take this way of life as a supreme sacrifice for following the Lord's will.  The fruits of goodness are endless; especially in the lives of people forever touched by the goodness of the Lord.

Aim for the interior, invisible things; Jesus is totally present.