The resurrection and our baptism into Christ

Easter vigil, cycle A

The message of Easter always points to us being resurrected together with Jesus Christ right this very moment!

In the Pope Benedict's Easter message last year, he mentioned the Jewish Apocryphal literature of Adam sending Seth his son back to paradise to ask for the oil of mercy from the tree of life.  But the angel did not allow Seth to enter, saying, "Adam is subject to death."

Of course in this world we want to live, but do we want to live forever?  We might think that this is impossible, but nothing is impossible with God.  We can live forever!  The one thing that made this when we were baptized into Christ.

Resurrection is intimately linked with our baptism.  But we have to place our total faith on the baptism we have received so that we can receive constantly the oil of mercy and live forever in Christ.   We just need to do two things: to renounce the old ways and to put on the new garment of Christ through renewing our baptismal promises.  The symbols of Easter - the light, water, and Holy Communion all point towards us receiving fully and totally Jesus Christ, making the medicine of life possible.

Embrace fully this gift of Easter - Jesus Christ himself and always sing, "Hallelujah!"