To give witness to Jesus

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Cycle A

This last Sunday of Lent, we are led to answer that ultimate question: who is God to us and who are we to Him?  Just as Jesus is capable raising the dead to life, our ultimate identity is not in death, but in resurrection of Jesus.

First, let us review our lives to the smallest detail whether every moment with a person or event is an opportunity for salvation or sin.  May we have the strength to throw away those that are not helping us attain salvation.

Second, as Jesus confronted Martha about him being the resurrection and the life, "Do you believe in me?" let us finally place ourselves unreservedly to serve Him who is the source of all our lives.  Be fully convinced that He alone can grant us life that will last forever.

Finally, let us aim to be instruments of life for others.  Looking back when my mother who lived a simple but devoted life when she was alive, I realized that she gave us her children values that we  hold on right this very day till forever; these were the treasures of her life that are the sources of treasures also for our children and the next generation.  She was the true instrument of Christ to us; she brought us real life.

Aim for the things that will bring us to life forever.