Are you finally convinced of following Jesus once and for all?

6th Sunday of Easter, cycle A

As Easter season is almost ending, we are challenged to reflect whether at this point in time, we have experienced how it is to rise from the dead.  We are also confronted whether we are able to do the same works Jesus did in this world to bring people to life.
Jesus' call seemed to resonate over and over again:  If you love me, you would obey my commands.  Why would we obey his commands?  What is in them?

Obeying Jesus' commands means to choose what is good, what is right and what is holy.  It also means accepting to follow Jesus everyday and walk in his ways.  Finally, following Jesus' command means carrying his cross for the sake of life.  Why obey? It is because in following Him, we choose the path of real life in the moral sense, we dwell in the Most Holy Trinity, and we bring life to others.

As we prepare for Pentecost, let our commitment to follow Jesus be as strong as ever.