15th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle A

It cannot be denied that all of us want to be fruitful in this life.  This is further affirmed by our unity with God who created us in His image and likeness.  Our desire for fruitfulness must come from him.

But despite the progress, development, or whatever we call it, why is the world like a barren desert?  Why are people sleeping on the sidewalk?  Why are we opting to kill the world through the RH bill?  What exactly is happening?

We are going to exorcise anything that makes us barren.  "You have more than you think you have." 

Make an evaluation of your assets, both external and internal, and realize all these can be used as gifts.  The barren person sees these things as waste.  The fruitful person sees them as opportunities for growth.

Secondly, realize, that God is a God of life and not of death. Even his death gives life to many. Give yourself enough time, talent, and treasure to get to know God.  The barren person has no time for God, nor does he have time to serve others.  "He who saves his life will lose it."  The fruitful person is always in search of God's will to reach out to many.

Thirdly, realize the value of suffering.  The barren person sees suffering as a curse.   The fruitful person sees suffering as a way of giving oneself so that others may live.

The fruitful person enjoys the blessings of life and love.  The barren person lives alone.  Choose life.  Choose to be fruitful.