Knowing God

14th Sunday in ordinary time, Cycle A

"The more I know, the more I do not know."  These words came from the famous philosopher Socrates. Wisdom arises from taking a different view of things, from a stale or static view to a refreshed and creative view.

There's another thing worth pondering I would like to share: do you know that every time we look at a painting, we always look at it in a different way?  Paintings speak to us in myriads of ways.

In both of these examples, we need to have a heart of a child who has an endless capacity to enjoy things.  I hope the same is true in our knowledge of God in Jesus.  I hope it is still the same with our dedication to the Eucharist.

People who stopped attending masses because they feel they are doing it mechanically are also prone to closing their doors to Christ.

So what does it mean to know God?

Rise beyond the box of knowledge of God.  Enter into his reality.  Align ourselves with His will.  For he gives life; there is no other.