Serve God alone

22nd Sunday in ordinary time, set A

The prophet Jeremiah aptly puts every sentiment of an active follower of the Lord, "If I don't proclaim your word, there is something burning in my heart."

Are we really sure that those who have not followed the Lord are indeed fulfilled?  And do you think that those whose service to the Lord is found wanting is living the fullest life? 

Ever since we were born, we are meant to serve the Lord.  Our birth itself is a living proof that God allowed us to live for a particular, exclusive reason: so that we may know who created us, and that in knowing, we may love and serve Him.

Jesus in today's gospel eventually leads us to the very heart of service: renouncing oneself, taking up one's cross, and following him.  By renouncing oneself, others' and God world will open up to us.  By taking up our cross, Jesus' life will flow to us.  By following Jesus, life will flow to others also. 

Simply put: serve God alone and we shall live.