God's forgiveness

24th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle A
Matthew 18:21-35
Ecclesiastes is a book of wisdom; it clearly teaches about compassion and forgiveness rather than hatred and vengeance. "He who exacts vengeance will experience the vengeance of the Lord" and "if a man nurses hatred against another, can he demand compassion from the Lord?"

The clear path to life is forgiveness.  If we embrace hatred, half of the population will die each day.  If we forgive, we keep the human race and we keep it running till the next generations.

Second, vengeance inflicts pain; forgiveness heals it.

Third, human forgiveness mirrors God's forgiveness.  Without his forgiveness we cease to exist, nor can we experience his graces.  We don't deserve to live after all that we have done against Him; still He forgives us.

May we mirror God's forgiveness then.