God's ways and our ways

25th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle A
Matthew 20:1-16
The gospel for today invites us to focus our attention on the master of the household and not on the workers.  It also invites us to yield to God's designs, not our own.

God's ways extends from left to right; being able to bring life to all people.  Our ways extend only as far as we are able to help those closest to us.

God's ways extends from earth till heaven; connecting the whole world with His holiness.  Our ways extend only as high as we could jump with all of our ambitions.

God's ways extends from here to eternity.  Our ways extend only as long as we can stay here on earth.

God's love is eternal.  Ours is temporary unless we heed His command and live according to His ways.  Then we shall extend our hands to all, lift all to God, and experience eternal happiness.

May we prioritize already whose will we shall follow: only God's.


  1. I love your blog. You're right on. Following the world's ways instead of God's ways is truly what goes wrong in our lives. Can't wait to read more of your writings.


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