Choose God's kingdom

28th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle A

With the promises written in Isaiah, what more can we ask for from the Lord?  Abundance of food, happiness, and life eternal - must we let these all pass in lieu of fleeting wealth and happiness?

But truthfully, why does mankind let these all pass?  He lets these all pass because he is concerned only with his own food, happiness, and life.  But man's kingdom is nothing as compared with the kingdom of God.  And if we are not aware of these, chances are that we contribute not fullness but hunger, not happiness but tears, and not life but death.

Submit to God as early as today, for the message of the gospel is not for those who have died; rather, it is addressed to us who are exposed to the dying and suffering world - to work so that all may receive food and dignity, fullness and not emptiness; and life eternal, not death.