Know what you want this Advent

Advent, week 1
Cycle B

Now that we are entering into another year of the liturgical season, starting with Advent, and into another year of life here on earth, it might be good to ask ourselves whether we need a Redeemer or not.

A redeemer is one who pays the ransom due to to another.  How much do we owe God for all the things He has given us?  How much sorrow have we caused Him?  We need a Redeemer, the Son of God to serve as ransom for all debts we owe to the Master.  Only Jesus can do that for us.

A redeemer is one who rescues another from sure death.  We die each day due to sin.  We breathe sin.  Who will rescue us from this darkness?  Only Jesus is the light of our lives.

A redeemer restores the honor or reputation another has lost.  We have lost our dignity of being sons and daughters of the Lord.  Look how we lived - as if He doesn't exist.  Has it brought peace and fullness to the world?  Do we wish to be restored to grace?

This Advent, know what you want.  We want Jesus to redeem us once and for all!