The 7th day: When God sings

As we are getting closer to commemorating the day of Christ’s birth, we need to enter more deeply into a quiet contemplation with the events that are happening.

We now focus on Mary’s song of praise to God.  But notice it is not just a mere song of praise.  As Mary pours herself out to God, her whole being magnifies the Lord, her spirit is totally one with the Father.  Because of the Immaculate Conception, her song is actually the song of God giving life to her and to the rest of mankind.

This is Christmas: when we unite ourselves totally to Him without reserve.  Thus, we need to sing God's songs.

When God sings, we become holy in Him.  That is the union of God and man in Mary’s canticle.  The world of sin destroys that union, holiness seems to be pushed to the background.  Mary brings it back through the power of her Son in her womb.  Let us strive to lead holy lives inspired by the presence of God in us.

When God sings, every instrument is working in complete harmony with the others.  Let us recognize our roles in the orchestra of our Lord, now using our Spirit-given talents and abilities.  When the whole world works in harmony with one another, everyone begets life.  But if people find their own tunes and serve themselves, noise erupts.  Thus, God corrects those who are out of tune and who are not contributing to the harmony of music: he brings down the powerful, the well-fed, and the kings.

When God sings, the whole orchestra becomes one giant act of praise to Him.  Here, even the poor, hungry and the oppressed are lifted up and given the justice they deserve.

In the Magnificant, the lowly is exulted.  Mary’s name is revered by all generations.  May we fix our legacy to bringing Christ to the world this Christmas by sharing Him to others.