The Passion of God

The sixth day of Simbang Gabi leads us to Mary hastening to see her cousin Elizabeth.  But it may in fact be Jesus who is hastening to meet his cousin John and vice versa.  May this meeting repair whatever coldness we feel in our relationship with God.

Let us then talk about the passion of God.

Passion is a powerful emotion, for example, an ardent love.  Its feeling is warm and embracing.  Passion reveals the very identity of a human person.  It also reveals who God is - pure Love.  His love enlivens us each day.  May we finally respond to Him in love.

Passion is also marked by a boundless enthusiasm.  The creative aspect of a passionate person is endless.  God has unlimited ways to bring us back to him, the best way being, the incarnation of his very own Son.  We should find ways to eradicate the boredom of our lives and respond equally to making our faith alive for the sake of our children.

Finally, passion is marked by the offering of one's life in martyrdom.  Passion becomes Jesus Christ as he hung dying on the cross for us.  It is also Mary's heart as she hastens to her cousin Elizabeth to serve her.

Pray for the strength to face where our faith would eventually lead us - toward the offering of our lives for the sake of the one we love, God himself.  May Christ finally come to our lives and change us forever!