Prayer and Christmas

The fourth day of Simbang Gabi takes us to Zechariah, who is supposed to be a faithful servant of the Lord.  Scripture says he was praying for a son but had not believed when it finally came true.

What killed Zechariah's faith?  His age and his wife's condition?  He was discouraged all along.  He prayed but lost hope.  We pray but our prayers do not lift up to God. What caused our disturbance in prayer and how can we counteract it?

Prayer in its simplest definition is devotion to God.  When we lose that devotion we cease the most basic gesture of reaching out to God.

Prayer is reflecting about God.  When we stop reflecting about God, we would be eaten by daily anxieties and not have the capacity to discern.

Prayer is communion with God.  If we lose this communion, we cease becoming His witnesses to the world.  We also would not be in communion with one another.

Prayer is the condition for experiencing the real meaning of Jesus' coming to our lives.  Christ would be born in people who have the zeal to pray.