The promise of God

As the third day of preparation for Christmas unfolds, we see the humble home of Mary, teeming with simplicity and poverty.  But in it the grandeur of heaven resides. The angel appears to her and gives her the promise of being the mother of the Savior.

Let's reflect on the definitive break between our old world of sin and the new world founded on Christ.  Let us dwell on the promise of God not only to David but for the rest of humankind, past, present, and future.

A promise is a solemn oath; a declaration or vow of fulfilling something.  God has not broken His promise.  Humankind shall live and enjoy prosperity but only because of him.  Let us convert this promise into faith the relies totally on God's promise of salvation.

Secondly, every promise is something favorable. It points to something very positive and fruitful.   To Mary, the angel said about Jesus, "He will rule over the house of Jacob forever, and his reign will be without end."  It is something to look forward to.  In this regard, we pray for the gift of hope that by releasing ourselves from our old way of life, we shall be redeemed by Him who is to come into our world and lead us back to the Father.

Thirdly, every promise has an indication of sure success.  "Know your kinswoman has conceived a son in her old age, for nothing is impossible with God."  After this, Mary said, "I am the maidservant of the Lord, let it be done to me as you say."  We also say, "Let your will be done.  Make our lives useful in you."  Let us pray that all our intentions may convert into genuine love that makes us submit ourselves to humble service to one another.

May Christmas finally come into our lives and change us forever!