Titles of Jesus

For this fifth day of our preparation for Jesus' coming, let us focus on the titles of Jesus, for we have heard two names from our readings: Immanuel and Jesus.  Pray to know more about our birthday celebrant, for He is the central character in our story of salvation.

"Jesus" came from the Hebrew word "Joshua" meaning "God saves."  By this, Catechism reminds us of two basic realities about Jesus: who he is and what his mission is.  Give Jesus what is due to him as God.  Serve him and be one with him in his mission to save us.

Second, the title "Christ" came from "messiah" which means anointed.  As Jesus was anointed to bring glad tidings to the poor, let us not forget that we too were anointed during confirmation to bring hope to others and be the soldiers of Jesus.

Third, the title "Son of God" reminds us of the divine Sonship of Jesus Christ.  But it also reminds us of our divine link with God.  We partake in the divinity of Jesus by being the adopted sons and daughters of the Lord when we were baptised.  Let us increase in works that would bring holiness to others.

Last but not the least, the title "Lord" of course points to the Lordship of Jesus as king of heaven and earth.  Thus, we give the proper reverence due Him as servants of the Lord, like the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the maidservant of the Lord.  Let us be available to do the will of the King.

All these taken under consideration, Jesus becomes more real to us.  Celebrating his birth would signal the celebration of our new lives in the God who saves us.  Maranatha, come, Lord Jesus!