Have we grown as Jesus did?

Cycle B, Feast of the Santo Niño

Today, as the whole country celebrates the feast of the Santo Niño, we reaffirm our childlike innocence before God, taking off from the Child Jesus who is our guide and our salvation.

First, he is the obedient Son of God who humbly took the task to save us by  becoming human.  Jesus' humility paves the way for humankind to be saved.  Let us reflect if God can continue to work in us or we have lost our sense of humility.

Second, he is the God who took a helpless stand of being a child.  Let us reflect on our humanity and see if we are still the reflections as God intended us to be.  We also take an active stand to defend the helpless life that is inside the womb of the mother instead of being its attacker.

Thirdly, he is the God that allowed himself to grow up and be our Messiah?  Ask: have we really grown? How much have we matured?  The test is if we can see ourselves doing God's will and not our own and we have found our vocation in this world.

Grow up as Jesus did and celebrate most beautifully the feast of the Santo Niño!