Opt for the light

Solemnity of the Epiphany

We know that in the Solemnity of Epiphany, the bright star gives witness to Jesus.  We should be able to confront ourselves once and for all to embrace the light rather than the darkness of sin however seemingly exciting its world is.

For one thing, light is a combination of different colors; darkness has none.  And if people say the world of sin is more exciting than grace, think of the many deaths they are producing each day.  There is no life in the world of darkness, while in the light, there are so many things to see and so many wonderful things to give witness to.  It starts from us who have no life because we are made of clay, but the good Lord breathed unto us and gave us life.  No, the color or excitement we give merit to when we sin comes from the life that God gave us and we are corrupting it.  Opt for the light which is God.

I would opt for the light because it illumines my path while darkness causes me to wallow in the dark.  The source of light is God Himself.  St. John says that either we are agents of Satan if we continue to sin and agents of Jesus if we serve him.  There are no in-betweens or combinations of good and bad.  The source of light is exclusively God.  Darkness marks His absence; hence, the world of sin.  Opt for the light.

Third, I would opt for the light because of its radiance; darkness fills us with shame.  In the first reading, it says, "You will grow radiant; your heart shall be full, since the riches of the sea flow to you, and the wealth of nations will come to you."  In the light we give witness to a fruitful life which is coming from God while in darkness, we live in shame and death.  Opt for the light.

In this solemnity, all light points for Christ.  Everything is Christ.  Follow the light!