The covenant

First Sunday of Lent, cycle B

Have we ever had a covenant with God?  Yes, we did, when we were baptized.  That water that caused us to die to ourselves now causes us to live in God.  We are now God's children.  Could we remember our covenant with God?

The covenant is the one giving us life.  Only God can cause us to live.  Covenant is life.  Have we ever seriously thought about our covenant?

Second point, after Jesus stayed in the desert, where he thought about his covenant with the Father, he now preached the forgiveness of sins and repentance.  Notice the matter coming out of his mouth.  Notice also the core of the covenant.  Our response to God entails that we repent (turn away from evil), and believe in the good news.  These are the guiding posts of our lives.

If we are fully convinced that having a covenant with God would cause us to live, then we shall not aim for baser things.  God alone suffices.