Holy Thursday reflections

On the Covenant, preparations, and judgment

These days from Thursday till Sunday are truly most blessed days, for they reveal God's love for all of us and the fruit of that love in the self-offering, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  In these days, let us vow to listen intently, relish every moment, learn, and become what God wants us to be.

Covenant, preparation, judgement - these are solemn realities that cannot be trivialized.

God command Moses to do all preparations of the passover in a detailed manner it the time of salvation draws near.

Jesus in fulfilling his mission, took the bread, lifted it, broke it and gave it to the disciples, saying, "Take and eat; this is my body."

It is a solemn action instituted by Jesus in the last supper by which we are to remember in the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

God's covenant with us entails a direct action coming from Himself; but it also demands our response also in love.  It is a direct consequence of love that it is realized in a series of actions, rituals, practices, etc.  But it also finds its way through our concrete activities which by now should be motivated by His love.

Moreover, this day, we celebrate the feast of priests and the blessing of oils to be used in the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, priesthood, and anointing of the sick.

As Jesus is the sacrament of the Father, the priest is a living sacrament of Jesus in every generation. Loving Jesus should manifest is our whole being that we become sacraments of Jesus to one another. 

May his love give us that courage to do what we have to do - offer our very own lives for the sake of Him who loves us.