Ascension Sunday

Silence and word: path to evangelization

Jesus stayed for 40 days before he went up to heaven.  His only concern was to teach or give instruction to the disciples about God's kingdom.  Have you ever imagined the passion of Lord to teach no other than the kingdom.  What is in the kingdom of God?  The kingdom is everything that God reveals about himself.

The Kingdom of God refers also to our own lives.  These are the things of heaven that gives us life.

This is why the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and the popes since Vatican II issued directives for proper guidance in media work.  It is because of the tremendous effects of media in molding the personal and social psyches and to give people an opportunity to reflect whether these forms of social communications transmit the kingdom of God.

In Pope Benedict's message for the 46th World Communications Day, it is obvious that the Holy Father would want all users of social networking to see where the kingdom of God is.  Definitely, God's kingdom is reflected in silence.

First point: silence is an integral part in the world of communications and dialogue.

Second point: silence is important in discovering the truth and the meaning of self.

And third point: in silence, God reveals His heart specially in Jesus who was nailed to the cross.

We need silence to get a glimpse of the Kingdom of God which we need to live out after Christ ascended to heaven. 

May we be a part of the unfolding of the Kingdom of God in our world today through silence and the word.