Pentecost and the Church

When the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, the Church was immediately born.  When the apostles were imbued with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, there immediately were three thousand converts, all speaking the same language.

Let us relish what it means when we were born again, this time in the Spirit.  Let us appreciate what it means to be Church as Jesus wants us to be.

To be Church filled with the Holy Spirit means we are one heart and one mind with God and with one another.  We are one Body constantly being sanctified, consecrated, made holy in the Holy Spirit.

To be Spirit - filled means we know our roles in the greater scheme of God's designs.  In God's world everyone is a participant, taking an active role in the work of salvation.

To live in the Spirit means that we cause the salvation of others by the sheer witnessing of our lives.  Our whole lives reveal the glory and grandeur of God, bringing others to life and freedom.

May we be inspired in actively living out Christian lives under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!