13th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle B

The power to give life

If we can relish what it means when it says in the book of Wisdom, "Death is not God's doing.  He doesn't take delight in the extinction of the living", it must point out to God's very own heart - he wills of all us to live.

Death is the consequence of our disobedience to God.  Our inability to commit ourselves to serve God is killing the whole human race, starting from our own families.  If we are intent of becoming alive in God, we better breathe the life that He gives us.

What is the condition of life then?  First, we have to know the conditions that lead us to death.  Once we give in to the thought that God remains in the backdrop of our lives, death starts.

Second, we need to do just like what the woman did when she touched the cloak of Jesus.  Anything that Jesus owns is sanctified. These become the extensions of Jesus.  We become Jesus' extensions if we allow ourselves to be consecrated by and to Him.  Then the journey of healing begins.

Finally, do not imitate the crowd that laughed at Jesus.  Do not belittle God's work.  It is the only thing keeping us all alive.  This third point demands us to make everything available for God - even our families and children.  Let us all be instruments of God's healing power that gives us life.