The kingdom of God

11th Sunday, cycle B

Fruitfulness, the theme is about fruitfulness.  It is the Lord who plants the seed and the whole world benefits from it.

How do we liken the Kingdom of God?  The first thing that comes to mind is heaven.  But we connote heaven as after death when we shall go up to heaven to meet God.  But right now we are still on earth.  Heaven is far away.

The gospel tells us of these things: first, that the kingdom has a beginning.  The kingdom starts with something as small as a seed.  The kingdom starts as soon as we are born.

Secondly, the kingdom is a process.  Not knowing how it becomes, things sprout. It may as long as our lives here on earth will allow it.  Some people get lost along the way while others find their way to God.  Every moment becomes God's kingdom in the person's life.

Third, the kingdom has an end.  In our story, the birds rest in its shade. Could we find our fruitfulness here on earth in terms of money, power, or fame?  Or is it simply in the fruitfulness that God wants of us?  Whatever it is, grant that we may find our way back to God with the grace of having been fruitful in leading others to Him.