14th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle B

Don't miss the prophet

After the Pentecost, Jesus continues to walk upon the earth.  But people do not recognize him.  That is why the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI deemed it necessary to open October 2012  as the year of Faith.  Recalling the time when Pope Paul VI also declared a year of Faith in 1967, the intention was two-pronged - to make aware that "the world today is marked by immorality, a negation of Christianity at the time of shamelessness and violence" and "to render a faith culture - a culture of faith, an unshakable bond to the teachings of the apostles."

In this year, Paul VI focused on the faith of the apostles that is safeguarded by tradition (catechesis) and a preferential option for the poor (Populorum et progressio).

We might as well rekindle the gift of faith in each one of us or else, we shall be missing to recognize the prophet walking in our midst; much worse, to put him on the cross without ever being aware that it is the Lord.

He may be our friend whom we are slowly leading to sin - our sons and daughters whom we failed to teach the faith; and the priests and the entire Church that we belittle.

We may also miss him in each one of us - in our capacity not to recognize the Lord within as we exert effort to do the right things as Jesus wants us to do in this life.

May we never miss the prophet in our midst.