16th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle B

An overflow of shepherds

One cannot understand the readings unless he knows a thing or two about shepherding and being a shepherd.

Regarding the flock, one has to understand their situation without the shepherd.  The flock listens exclusively to the shepherd.  Otherwise, they fall prey as easy victims to the foxes.
Secondly, one has to understand the situation of the responsible shepherd.  He knows his sheep by name.  He leaves everything behind to lead the sheep to greener pastures.
Jesus is the Good shepherd who has compassion over the confused flock not only of Israel but us as well.  We cannot be able to minister well if we do not possess the heart and mind of Christ.  We cannot be good parents unless we cling to Jesus with all our lives.  We will not produce the kind of children we want to have without asking for Jesus to touch us.

Finally, pray for an overflow of good and responsible servants.  We can start with ourselves only if we allow ourselves to be of service to God to give order and holiness to our lives.