17th Sunday, cycle B

We are God's miracles!

The multiplication of the loaves of Jesus has its parallels in 2 Kings 4:42-44 when Elisha commanded a man with 20 loaves to distribute food to a hundred men.

Again, man's logical thinking gets in the way of miracle "This is impossible." We have to move out of the box to see what lies beyond - it is God who acts.  It is possible for us to have more time, talent, and treasure to give to others.  It is possible only in God.

We need to bring the gifts.  The gifts will not come to us.  We need to entrust it to the care of the Father.

We need to insist giving it to others even if it seems impossible.  This leap of faith should start the miracle going.

We need to see the overflow of graces and enjoy the gifts that now belong to God.  What started out as our own now belongs to Him and to be used according to His purpose - for His glorification and for our salvation.  The true miracle is us offering ourselves to the Father.