19th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle B

Eat the flesh of Jesus

Gospel:  John 6:41-51

The one that we read in the first reading from the book of Kings (1 Kings 19:4-8) may likely be a fiction story; but I could just remember Frodo and his friend Sam of the road to Mt. Doom where they are supposed to destroy the powerful ring.  The one that kept them alive was a piece of bread eaten one bite a day till they would reach their final destination.

Jesus' bread keeps us alive each day for the rest of our lives till we reach heaven.  But how exactly does Jesus keep us alive?

He keeps our spirits alive using His very own self.  We would not be alive today had it not been for Him who died to save us.  And He now intercedes on our behalf.  He is the very reason for our existence.

Second, He makes us alive by the power of His word. "They shall be taught by God."  Be open to God's word and allow it to change our lives.

Third, as Jesus said, "and the bread that I shall give is my flesh,for the life of the world.’" let us use our flesh, blood and spirit to bring life to the world.


  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    AMEN!!!This is very true for me... the Eucharist gives me the life , the energy and strength to last for each day.....it keeps me going in whatever tasks i have to do each day of my life.....i pray for those who need God in their lives...


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