22nd Sunday of the year, cycle B

The law has the heart of God

Ever wondered how among religions, our religion which has its roots in Jewish tradition has the most humane laws - loving God as He truly is and to love our neighbor as ourselves?

The heart of every law is the very heart of God who wants us all to live by His statutes, give others what is due them, and bring order to the world.

Jesus further enlivens that heart by giving us a new commandment - loving one another as Jesus as loved us - again, with the heart of the Father.

The only task of man in this world is to make sure that the heart is never curtailed or corrupted.  Otherwise, we would see the exact opposite of God's law as what we're seeing today. 

We need to constantly check whether we remain attuned to His heart or we're lost in this world. Think of these 3 questions: What have we learned from our Catechesis and do we still continue to learn from them?  Second, what molds our hearts today - the world or God himself?  Third, how much are we ready to let go and let God?

Answer honestly these questions and we shall see our path lead to life and to God himself.