23rd Sunday of the year, B

"Be opened"

The prophecy of Isaiah represents the all the hopes of mankind: in the coming of the Lord, the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, the dumb will speak, the desert will flow with water, the scorched earth becomes a lak, and the parched land springs water.

Where do you want to position yourself?  In being deprived of or being filled with?

"Be opened." That is what "Effata" means.  The Lord implores, "Be opened!"

For the hardhearted, "Be opened!"  Do not stay in the narrow minded world of the self.

Choose to be opened.  Open that heart to God who knows everything, even our lives.

Continue to be opened by God each day.  Be molded each day to become the person God wants us to be.

Be open and we shall see how God transforms this world from itself to Himself.