25th Sunday of the year

why do the holy annoy the unholy?

Cycle B

It will forever be a mystery why crab mentality became embedded in Filipino culture.  The same is true why the holy annoy the unholy, when acts of goodness are reciprocated by hatred and jealousy that lead to revenge.

We may never know the real reason behind this phenomenon, but I believe the most obvious reason is that the unholy will not have any share blessings and bounty of the Lord and therefore, they want even the good to fail because from the very start they already are fallen.

I would just like to highlight the two titles of Jesus that hopefully would serve as inspiration for us to to travel along the path of holiness.  The first title of Jesus is "Son of God", a title aptly addressed to the Messiah who shares in the power of the Lord to lead, organize, and rule over God's children in justice in love.  May we pray to inculcate what Jesus stood for as God's only begotten Son and share in the privilege and as well as responsibility to lead others to holiness.

The second title of Jesus is "the Son of man."  This title implies that Jesus is representative of humanity in its entirety - frailty and wounded, but nevertheless, loved by the Father.  Jesus is totally human who carried our woundedness unto himself.  Our pains become his.  "And by his stripes, we were healed." (Is. 53:5)

If we live out the spirituality of these titles, not only do we live holy lives; we would also be instrumental in leading others to Jesus.