The Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary , B

The power of the lowly

In reflecting the birth of the Lady, we learn how the lowly become exulted.  Starting from Bethlehem till the gospel of Mary's betrothal to  Joseph, everything is about lowliness and God exults the lowly.

Maybe because the lowly open themselves to Him to mold them and use them according to His divine plan;  that's why He exults them.

Mary was that lowly woman who was exulted above all women.  For in her heart, there's nothing except God alone from the very start of her conception till the end of her life. 

"My soul magnifies the Lord," reveals the prayer that nothing else is exulted except God alone.  The is the prayer of a humble heart.

The lowly heart in the Hail Mary is filled with the Lord.  Grant that each day, we may learn to give of ourselves so that we may receive the Lord.

Finally, the lowly heart has nothing to share except Jesus alone.  He/she gives himself/ herself entirely to do God's work.  "Blessed is the fruit of thy womb."  Mary delivers Jesus to us for our salvation.