32nd Sunday of the year, B


Mark 12:38-44

It might be an impossible feat for the jar of meal not to be spent and the jug of oil to be emptied as in the first reading (1 Kings 17:10-16), but let us learn from the Old Testament how this came about.  It is simply about responding to the call to be generous.

How many times have we turned down possibilities of good causes?  How could we turn down such offers when they come from God who is the source of order and blessings?  The invitation is for us to move out of our comfort zones and risk sharing ourselves.

The gospel pushes us a step further.  The widow was poor and dependent, but she gave everything she had.  The Lord wishes that all of us follow him until there is nothing to give except oneself, all for a good cause - salvation of all. 

When we start giving our whole selves to God and others, that is the time we really live.