18 December


Matthew 1:18-24

This day when Joseph gave a name to Mary, this day, God envelopes us in His loving kindness and calls us "Christians".  This day, the readings invite us to establish our unbreakable link with the Father through the very action of Jesus and enriched by the Holy Spirit.  Today, the Church becomes the icon of the Trinity.

I will dwell in the word "home" and its reality.  Home is where we belong.  Home is our true residence.  Home is where we feel the warmth of home from Someone who provides it for us.  Home is us in God and God in us.

Home is the redeemer, like Joseph taking in Mary as his wife.  Home is Jesus saving us and us clothed in salvation of Jesus.

Home is where family members are trained in virtues.  It is the school for the formation of integrity.

Home is the Holy Spirit filling us with virtues. 

In God we are totally secured.