19 December

Barren and fruitful faith

 Luke 1:5-25

As we near Christmas, all accounts ask us to review our lives if the Lord is indeed incarnated in us. 

The stories in today's reading reflect a state of barrenness that now bears fruit.  For we know that nothing is impossible with God.  But let us also reflect more on what makes us barren that we don't produce the fruits of faith like Zechariah.

First, we are barren when we think the Church as as old and antiquated institution like old barren women.  But that is not so with God.  A Christian who is fruitful in faith binds himself to the living God who is the source of life in all levels.  When we are stuck with an old way of thinking especially with God we are barren.  But if we give God a chance we start becoming fruitful.

Second, a barren faith is a compromising faith while a fruitful faith is a steadfast and courageous faith.  When we start compromising with sin; and when sin becomes structural, we have lost the ability to be fruitful.

Third, a barren faith is totally lifeless while a fruitful faith is a saving faith for many generations to come.  Because we have compromised our faith, we many witness the dying of generations.

Let us renew our faith while there is still time.  For a believing Christian, this Christmas could be different only because of Jesus Christ now alive in his heart.