21 December


 Luke 1:39-45

Realizing that in the Song of Songs, the Beloved referred to here is Jesus in the New Testament.  But in gospel reading, such is not so, because it is our Lady hastening to her cousin Elizabeth.  Come the New testament with the Old and we shall imagine how swift our Lady's action was - like a gazelle, a young stag.  Consequently, it is still Jesus who is the Beloved, in the very womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Let us talk about actions.  Motivations rule our actions.  Christ's actions are motivated by an intense desire to save us.  What is our motivation? 

Motivations are molded by values.  Eventually, our values reveal the presence or absence of God.

Let us also see the Church in action.  In PCP II, the Church's action to save is govern by the three roles of Jesus: the kingly, the priestly, and the prophetic roles.

As king, let us strive to bring dignity back to our brothers and sisters through social justice.  "Action on behalf of justice is a constitutive dimension in the preaching of the Gospel."

As priest, let us strive to attain the perfection of a spiritual life through the sacraments.

As prophet, let us strive to align ourselves with the teachings of Christ and radiate them to others.