22 December

Jesus' presence in prayer

Luke 1:46-56

In this special day, the Lord prunes our very being, touching and healing every part of our lives and filling it up with His presence.

this particular day, after all actions are done, we turn to interiority, allowing that space that cannot be filled by the lures of this world.  In this world Jesus fills us up with his divine and felt presence, causing a profound change in our lives.  This world is known as prayer.

In the Old Testament, Hannah offered prayers for his son Samuel.  In the New testament, Mary sang a song the filled the world with the love of God.

What is prayer then?

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Jesus fills us with His presence in prayer if we know that our prayer is God's gift to us and not of our doing.  We respond to the gift through a genuine prayer.

Prayer is also a covenant, and the best gauge of covenant is in the level of the heart, on how deep our relationship with the Lord can go.

Finally, prayer is communion.  One man's communion can lead to the communion of all members of the Church and become One Body in Christ.

Jesus wants to be incarnated in our prayer life through him as gift, covenant in the level of the heart, and communion.



  1. Prayer is where I chat with Him as my Father, Bestfriend and my Savior.


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