3rd Sunday of Advent, C


 Luke 3:10-18

We have entered into the Simbang Gabi, but not quite yet. Only a day more when we shall enter into the very mystery of Christ's birth.  At this time, we are being prepared for Christmas. 

What makes true Christmas?  This is the time for shouting praises to the Lord!

What shall be shout about?  We shall shout about his immediate coming.  And who is he?  Who is the Lord?  He will exult, he will renew, and he will dance.

The Gospel also underscores who the Messiah is: powerful, baptizer of Spirit and fire, and a winnowing fan to gather the wheat and burn the chaff.

At this point in time, we should be able to shout something about our Lord rather that the world's imperfections.  Let us also put to silence every form of sinfulness in the world.

Finally, let our actions show what we are shouting about: that we are proud to be the followers of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world.