December 24

The covenant

Luke 1:67-79

This last day prior to the celebration of birth of Jesus, we are being invited by the readings to enter into an authentic relationship of love with God that has been shattered by sin, though not entirely, for it was restored by Jesus in an unbreakable bond.  And this reality marked by our relationship with God is known as the Covenant.

The covenant, a testament of this history between the immortal God and mortal man, marks the story of our salvation.

It starts with creation itself, when there is total communion between God and man as reflected by man's harmony with God's creation.  We need faith to realize that this world is a reflection of God's love for us.

This is shattered by man's disobedience, but not entirely, for there is a second series of the Covenant - from Noah to the call of Abraham, to the priests and the prophets.  God opens up a covenant that would give order to our lives.  Here, we need hope to realize that once again, the communion would be restored.

The third source of covenant is through Jesus Christ himself - God made man.  Now, the revelation of God is completed, whole and entire, not by installment.  Now, the law is not external; it is written in our hearts in Jesus Christ.  We just need to know him, to love, him, to live him, and share him in others.  We need love.

Thus, we need three things to live the Covenant - faith, hope, and love. And as St. Paul says, "The greatest of this is love." And it will happen on the day of the birth of Christ, the Lord.