Feast of the Sto. Niño

Growing up in grace and in wisdom

 Gospel:  Luke 2, 41 - 52

This is an extension of Christmas; for us Filipinos, it is a celebration for the entire country dedicated to God through the Child Jesus.  

Last Jan. 9, we just celebrated the Poong Nazareno.  These two: the Sto. Niño and the Poong Nazareno are two facets of the same Jesus who grew in grace, in age, and in wisdom.

What does it take for us to grow in grace, in age, and in wisdom before God and man?

First, we should always focus on the light, not on darkness.  Darkness is what fills this world, but Jesus defeated the darkness of death with the light of his resurrection. Focus on what gives us that light which comes only from Jesus, not of this world.

The light also illumines our minds; educates our lives for good. The truth always sets us free.  The light leads us to the Father's house where God rules with peace and justice.

Finally, light illumines our hearts; our hearts light up together with God's own light.  Obedience is the key to that light.

Light illumines our consciences which is the harmony of our minds and hearts to God.  That is why we follow not only our consciences, but our rightly formed consciences that are attuned to God and obeys his every word.

That child in us should lead us to offer our lives in righteousness and grace like Jesus on the cross.  Then the Christ Child has reached his full cycle in our lives.