4th Sunday of the year, C

Who am I?

  Luke 4:21-30

"Know thy self." It was believed that Thales the Greek philosopher knows this.

But another Greek philosopher, Socrates, coined a more significant proverb, "The more I know, the more I don't not know."  The more I know something, it escapes me.

It calls the person to take a humble stand in front of the other.  We cannot put people in a box.  We need to respect them.

Who are we before God?  In this, we will come to realize we are nothing, but God is everything.  But you know what? We are because God is.  He created us.  Our identity belongs to God.

This is the very reason why Jesus escaped from the mob.  They thought they knew Jesus, but they didn't.  He is teaching them that everything he does is God's work and He is His instrument.

Who are we?  We are linked to God.  He created us.  Only He knows our past, present, and future.

Because we belong to God, and He called us His own, can we at least thank Him?  Those who are not satisfied in this world are thankless.  But those who knew that the only reason why they are still alive is only because God allowed them to will be thankful.  Thankfulness is our response to God for allowing us to live.

Thankfulness also leads to a genuine service to God to make things real.  A thankful heart will be attuned to the Creator and realize what He wants.  And this is known as loving.

And in the world of love, it is impossible not to give.

So who are we?  We are servants with the heart of Jesus, no more, no less.