3rd Sunday of Lent, C

Be ready to respond

Luke 13:1-9

In this week, we hope to reflect the simple act of being able to respond to God's invitation like Moses did together with Jesus' invitation in the gospel.

What and how then should we respond?

Remember how Moses responded.  There is a need.  This is known as conscientization.  We respond because there is a need, a lack, a dearth.  The people of Israel are living as slaves and are pleading to be free.  In the gospel, we shall perish as they did, not because of the sin that is theirs, but nevertheless, we shall perish as they did.  Think of many times people have perished because of not responding to God?  Take a look at the surroundings.  What is mankind's needs including our own?

Second, remember God's promise, "I mean to deliver them."  Confront ourselves: why does it seem that we don't trust God's word?  Why do we put more trust on ourselves and the things of this world and not God.  He meant to give us life, we should go back to Him.  What He has is a blueprint of life.  What we have is our own means to survive.  But in God's world all are meant to live.  Trust Him.

Third, remember Jesus' love as we respond to him, "We'll give it a chance to bear fruit."  Jesus till now has been so patient with us.  Respond also in love.  And with that kind of love, there is no measure.  The measure is how much we can give to him.

Much of the things of this world resulted from the measure we have given God.  If we have given so little to him, we receive so little.  But if we give much, then we receive much.  We receive life's blessings together with others.