4th Sunday of Lent, C

New creations

 Luke 15:1-3,11-32

After winning over our temptations, recalling to mind the covenant, renewing our response to the Lord in this time of Lent, we could be like babies born into this world, they have their taste of the new life, with the produce of the soil which the Lord gave his own.

The story of the prodigal is the story of a man who has died but is alive again.

What makes him dead is his world of sin, of wanting to own everything for himself.  And how he killed his father by taking his share of the estate so he might exclusively own everything.

But what made him come back to life?  His ability to realize his mistakes, his desire to come back and "to serve" his father.

If we could only realize the gravity of our mistakes against our Lord, then we could start traveling on the right path.

Our desires also account for the new life in us.  If we desire to turn our attention to Divine Master and know him exclusively, and finally, if in us, there is no other motivation except to serve Him all through our lives from now on, then we are on the to becoming alive in him.