Easter vigil

We are the Children of the Resurrection

 Gospel:  Luke 24:1-12

This has been a profound Easter journey for all of us who from Ash Wednesday have been prepared and are prepared to experience this blessed night!

Following all the readings for the Easter Vigil where the world is in the process of being "created", I believe that everything destroyed by the evil one is now being restored to its fullness, both creation and us.

Furthermore, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, in his reflections in "I believe in One God" explains aptly the Resurrection account in these points:

First, everything now resolves around this gravitational center of the Resurrection, stressing that "The Cross alone could not explain the faith ... the Paschal Mystery consists in the fact that the Crucified man 'was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures'" (1 Cor 15,4).

Second, the Pope Emeritus emphasized that the "resurrection is closely bound to the testimony of those who has a direct experience of the Risen One."  Even today's gospel would attest the women "told it to the apostles."

Third, "The Resurrection now begins the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ to all peoples the Kingdom of God begins ..."

And fourth, "we are called upon to take part, in our inmost selves, in the whole story of the Death and Resurrection of Christ."

Congratulations for being counted as one of the Easter people!  Alleluia!  The Lord is Risen, alleluia!