Maundy Thursday

The night of our salvation

 John 13:1-15

The account from the book of Exodus is summarized as follows: the lamb, up to one year old and unblemished, shall be offered and killed to be eaten by a family or two.  They shall take the blood and apply it at the door post.  The family shall be dressed as if geared for a fight.  At the night, the Lord shall go through Egypt, striking down every firstborn of the land, both men and beasts; but those whose houses are marked with blood, He shall pass.

Note the mystery of this night in parallel with the account.  The lamb is unblemished; it shall be offered through being killed; and the family shall share it with themselves and with other families.

Jesus is the supreme sacrifice to the Father.  He is unblemished; a fitting offering to the Father.  He shall be shared by many till all are united in him.

We who are in the world are celebrating our salvation from sin and death; but this is not yet the time for merrymaking but of preparation for what is to come - the impending battle and our ultimate victory in God.  God's judgement becomes our salvation; he shall free us from the slavery of sin and death.

How majestic is the Most Holy Eucharist!  Every time we attend it, we are geared for salvation.  Jesus saves us every moment, making us unblemished every time we partake in the breaking of the bread. 

Moreover, in the gospel, he further translates it to life itself.  Now, the Eucharist is not simply a rite or a symbol; it is an actuality of life lived in love.  Now we become saving gifts to one another.  Now he plants his own love in us, making us instrumental in the salvation of others.  Only the proud man will meet judgement and condemnation.  But he who partakes in the Eucharist and a life of love will be saved.