5th Sunday of Easter, C

Old or new?

John 13:31-33,34-35

As children of the resurrection, let us always hope to be new, not old.  We cannot stay old in this world.
Though our bodies are turning old, there is always something new to look forward to.
Same is true with faith; it cannot remain old.  A renewed faith leads us to new life with the Lord.  Now tell me, is your faith old or new?
These are the marks of the old faith: heaven is far off until we die.  In the renewed faith, heaven is right here and right now; but it is also in the process of becoming.  We cannot delay heaven in the afterlife. 
Second, religion cannot be a personal private affair.  Rather, everything that we do affects others.  Either we cause the salvation or downfall of others.  But we cannot treat religion as a private affair.  God is not a private god but a God of all peoples!
Third, faith cannot simply be trimmed to "religious affairs".  Faith encompasses everything.  Imagine a politician without any soul.  But a person who possesses a lively faith would also be an honest leader.  Key word linked to this is "love".  A person who loves God above all else loves his neighbors.