Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

The Most Holy Trinity and us

 Gospel: John 16:12-15

 From the first reading, when in Proverbs, it was written, "The Lord created me when his purpose first unfolded,  before the oldest of his works.  From everlasting I was firmly set,  from the beginning, before earth came into being." (Proverbs 8, 22), we, God's creatures must be very special in God's eyes, because all of us were created not by consequence, but by an intended purpose "from the very beginning."

Today, as we celebrate the Solemnity of Most Powerful of All, the Most Holy Trinity, by whom we are unworthy servants, it consoles me to think that ever since the beginning of things, we are with Him!  We must all be very special creatures!

I would also like to see the whole of creation as if it were an orchestra of musical players whose instruments are guided by a Musical Conductor.  Such is the situation of world if we only treat our Lord as the world's Master Conductor.  But alas!  It is not so, unless we change; unless we become his instruments, the world will continue to be in disarray.

We need to reflect the Divine Creator in our lives.  We need to pattern our lives after the Lord whom we serve.  And the Lord we serve is a Triune God who revealed Himself as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in one harmonious unity based on bond of total love.

Let us unite ourselves with the Father, the Creator, and who constantly creates every good thing.  Let the world be "good", bringing all, and not just a chosen few of creation, to goodness.

Let us unite our lives with Jesus from now on, and that every action "saves", forgives us, and brings us all to life, holiness, and goodness.

And let our union with the Holy Spirit manifest directly in our way of life.  The conduct of our lives is the direct manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

The best mirror of the Holy Spirit is the living Church which we can see one another, and we can love one another as perfect love binds the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.