14th Sunday of the year, C

Be a source of blessings for others

Luke 10:1-12,17-20

A nation like Jerusalem must be blessed so deeply as to have loved and chosen by the Lord for his very own.  We wish it would be the same with our country, chosen by the Lord to be the beacon of light in Asia.

What makes Jerusalem special in the reading is like God who provides for all things, Jerusalem shall be a source of blessings for the whole humankind, like a mother to her children.  Such is also the beauty of our faith.

But alas, it is not so for us who continue to be immature in our faith.  We need to change our outlook and convert our faith into a dynamic (not passive), fruitful (not barren), and holy (not corrupted) one. 

This is the simplest resolution we can ever offer our Lord as we embark on "being sent" like the disciples.  We promise to bring to life the faith.  We promise to multiply that faith.  We promise to be a source of holiness for others.